Friday, July 24, 2015


Every year, rat rescue hundreds of people from death and injury as a result of mine explosions. The project of the Belgian organization APOPO training rodents to detect antipersonnel mines started back in 1997 and continues to this day. It involves Gambian pouched rats, which have an excellent sense of smell and low weight - if the animal stepped on a mine, the mechanism will not work anyway. 
Preparing one such rat-sapper costs $ 7770 (which is three times cheaper than the dog training) and lasts about seven months. Then, trained animals are sent to places where there are minefields. 
A trained rat can in 20 minutes to investigate for the presence of mines in the territory of 200 square meters, on which a person would need 25 hours. 
In Mozambique, a total of 30 rats were discovered more than 1500 m.
During the project, no rat was not killed in the course of duty.
Rats in the service, receive good care. If, during his service animal gets sick, he provided medical care up to the surgery.
On average, every day in the world is 9 accidents related to the detonation of anti-personnel mines. 

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