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Attention is invited to "an illustrated interview" with an experienced commander of Spetsnaz, he gave answers to questions concerning, mainly military and domestic aspects of life of the modern Army Special Forces soldiers. To his story matched the corresponding photographs taken at different times in different parts and divisions of Spetsnaz special forces and airborne troops in the reconnaissance from motorized infantry.

Group Spetsnaz put any problem, it is determined that it is necessary to carry out autonomously seven to ten days. How is the training? How and by whom it is determined that with him to take? 
In the equipment, in most cases, each scout individually decides when the chief or senior commander to bring him some direction about the problem, how many days leave. Each outfit is preparing himself, realizing that he needed for a stated period, and the commander of the group has direct control. Now we have good equipment goes, before it was weaker. However - the soldiers are trying to buy some items on their own. Try to keep things warm, light was. Basically, to Gore-Tex (prim.avt. - This refers to the membrane in general, not just the products specified brand) was. Shine lot of attention.The most important thing is the shoes of anyone.  

Scout Sniper Special Forces Airborne on academic output.

What kind of shoes choose?  
Ankle boots, mostly before the US took, firms Crispi. Now a lot of others, which use modern technologies and materials. We need a waterproof, breathable and warm for the duration of the output boots. During the combat mission shoes generally can not be removed: you're in it and sleep. Clothing, if possible, too, to buy themselves: jackets, pants membrane material, they do not miss the water and in such clothes comfortable in any weather. B Snow, for example, you can lie down and not get wet. 

Socks are using different leg wrappings too. When the membrane of shoes there, it can be used in a conventional feminine pads. They just put in the shoes as absorbent, sorbent. If there are no good shoes, then use conventional ankle boots. Before leaving, they are lubricated with some goose fat, all the pores thoroughly soaked. Just take any fat or lard and soaked to the shoes become more moisture resistant.  

The same vaunted shoes Crispi.

Fighter uses ankle boots from the most "simple".

Is there a need for all the scouts in the group at the same wear camouflage? 
In most cases, special forces reconnaissance is not particularly adhere to this rule, all went to was about the same. At least in previous years, when the software was not (in the two thousandth years, until about 2010).Now the supply is quite good and there is a good outfit, but because groups often appear outwardly uniform.Previously, each to himself bought almost everything. It turns seemingly motley group. On to combat the problem is, by and large, it does not affect. Clarification - the group commander and the radio operator should not stand out from the crowd. If more or less the same, the visual first time it is impossible to determine who is the team and by whom. 

The commander of one of the groups with his deputy clarify the situation.

The Internet is constantly being debated that a certain camouflage pattern is better than another. There are some observations on this issue? 
The observations are as follows: in the highlands usually "slides" using camouflage - in a wooded area. And what he is, "cartoons" or some, that is to say, removed from life debate. Anyway, without individual improvements can not do. 

Reconnaissance 45-th Guards separate Order of Kutuzov Order of Alexander Nevsky Regiment Special conduct training mining bridge.  
Magic "cartoons" and other camouflage patterns presented in the assortment. Especially good fighter in the bush and Rasfokus.

How well-proven multi-layered current uniforms VKBO? 
I think it's pretty convenient. At least the heat, if all wear the instructions. The idea is that if you just stand in the clothes, in everyday life, at home - it is normal. And when the task load high, you are constantly moving: mainly in t-shirt, vest and a jacket. Most often, it is still "slide": comfortable, durable thing, which is used on a daily basis. And be sure to bear a replacement set of dry clothes so you can change when people in the maturation or pleasure stop in an ambush become. In general, when you can rest, immediately changing clothes to dry quickly. 

On the serviceman's clothing from the VKBO (all-season set of basic outfits).

Is there any minimum "reserve water?" 
Two or three "poltorashki" to each for the first time in anyone. From my experience I can say that from his subordinates during the tasks required to ensure a minimum flow of water. Three hundred grams of water in the morning (cup of tea) and the next circle in the evening. This, too, three hundred grams of water. During movement on the task of drinking water is strictly prohibited. Maybe, of course, they are out there and tried to secretly drink stops, well, this thing on their conscience.  
There is not even the fact that someone can violate the requirements of the commander. The body, when the load is high - mobilized. Soldiers go, go, and here again! Water! And once the body relaxes. If you drink one hundred, two hundred, three hundred grams of water - the body just stops working as it should. That is, he relaxes even not not go hunting or to do something you do not want. Therefore, drinking regime - this is such an important factor, especially when heavy loads are.  
Because we all take about the same amount of water, after a few days I'll see how I remain, as much as the band. Let's say I was left half, and the people have water already end: then drank without a team. It is an unnecessary problem - it is necessary to look on a map, as if to find a place where to get water, if possible. If there is no place or opportunity, you will have to endure. Often, for example, must be seven days from morning till night to move to search. And in the evening, for example, when actions are planned ambush or leisure - here in the evening, you can quench your thirst. 
Often it is necessary to dispense with local water or deal with poor water quality. This is normal. If successful scenario river or stream is quite amiss for drinking, if there is no bottled water with you. Often it also happens that the task is put on three or four days, and it will last for ten days and more. Then we have the power and ends. Periodically we confronted with the fact that the problem of above-plan prolonged. Then the snow and even puddles it. Using pills "Akvatabs" for water, which are in rations (PRI). Water after them, of course, disgusting and smelly, but becomes suitable drinking.

As the water is transferred? Directly in plastic bottles?  
Yes, in simple butylkah- "poltorashka." Or "kemelbekah". Weight is distributed convenient, accurate system, the motion does not create interference. It is a good thing. 

A soldier demonstrates his Spetsnaz personal hydrator type camelback.

With regard to non-combat equipment that is required to take with them whether there are any "approved" at least?  
Because food - depending on how many days you are going. For example, the yield for seven days, then should, in theory, be given seven daily diets (PRI). But more than three and a half no one takes, and what share is left only the basic foods to remove weight. Every extra kilo will bear. Well water naturally. In the winter easier, you can use the snow: melt, boil or add decontamination tablet. Without water, nothing.  

The rest individually: insulated cups, burners. One need fashionable burner with piezo, strike sharply the other matches, third for heating water and food uses special tablets. Those who suhpaykah, we do not use. One hundred meters is quite possible to smell the smell of a burning pills, even more, perhaps.  

The soldier on a halt Spetsnaz units. He opened the package with the PRI (individual diet) and tried to put aside the fact that he would take with him to the task. It turned out just to say a little bit. Basically, in a pile under the title "suitable" included stew and bacon. Everything else has been classified as "luxury"

Were there any trouble from contaminated water? Diarrhea or stomach upset? 
I can say that during the war is not happening. In practice, this is a very rare case, because the body is mobilized to work so that it does not take anything. Not sick people. But after the return may be ill when he came back. Here the body is relaxed, and you can get sick. On the job were isolated cases, someone with something ill. Just load is high, the responsibility is high enough. The man is mobilized, the body works to its fullest, and it does not take anything, neither illness nor germs. 

Let's group stopped to rest. We all have our own water and food, everyone eats his or something is in the common pot? 
Everyone eats their own. The group is usually divided into small cells of three, for example. Inside the "twos" or "triples" - is as collusion. If someone from the group ate all his back and wanted to eat, he certainly will, but the corresponding confusion arises: what are you, dear friend? So did the water situation. It all comes with time, with coherence. Group lapped, second or third and Walker all already know everything.  

Some stimulants, energy on the tasks used?  
Especially not. I, at least, did not use ever. Is that homemade energy drinks do sometimes, when necessary.And coffee. People prepare themselves high-mix chocolate, cognac and lemon. From the very widespread - dried fruits, sweets. "Snickers" very nutritious and high-calorie, give a lot of energy and weigh little.  

It was the case, for us to "jump" (prim.avt. - Refers to the annual competition Spetsnaz groups, officially referred to as All-Army competition intelligence units of the Land Forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation "Green Path") came harsh guys - so they ate, "sneakers" with mayonnaise. I just covered a delight! 

The main thing is not what you eat, but what it gives you. Eat something you can do, anything, really. In mayonnaise, mostly fats, oils - they are "long" and the need for long passages, and "fast" carbohydrates - on the contrary. If you feel that you can not stomp - again! and ate candy. It is the "fast" carbohydrates gives, everything is rapidly absorbed, and you again for a short time "hearty."

Intimate questions. If the problem is such that it is not necessary anywhere to "shine" in general - is organized as a question to the administration of natural needs? 
Inside "two" or "three" this issue is solved as standard. One observes one rests one necessarily covers. I dug a hole, made ​​in her case, all buried, disguised, left. To a trail not to leave any. In winter snow. If you lie and you can not get up, then lying. The package, in the sand, for example. But it's more for the snipers, who come to the task. In groups there are simpler: the people more. The problem lay motionless for days and observe generally do not make.  

Sniper at rest. A soldier in the background gives the holidays legs, scoring higher on their backpack.

Sniper couple moved in search of a place for "seasoning."

Senior couple gesture makes it clear partner - "lie down."

As far as the personnel of the group will be able to replace each other? 
In the group there are the commander, his deputy, the radio operator. These people are key. In addition they have a scout-arrow-Gunners scouts, spies, medics. If you need all interchangeable. For example, take the scout medic. It is the same intelligence as the other, just knows medicine anymore. But if he will need help - the rest will be able to provide. Or gunner. All his life with a machine gun, he knows it perfectly, but if need be, then the others can take a machine gun and fire. We have plenty of all interchangeable.

Someone in the group is the hardest job? 
The most difficult work - it's probably a radio operator. Because apart from the fact that he carries with him all the same as the usual spy, he must bear and the radio station, which also weighs a lot. This is a rather narrow specialists, need to know a lot, ranging from radio to the requirements of TTX to the place from which to broadcast, and it's pretty easy. In second place - the team leader and his deputy. Hard and Heavy's: weight at the gun is great, strong guys should be hardy. And everything else you need as vzaimosostavlyayuschie mosaic: every need in his direction.  
On the group say: Heavy always try to unload as much as possible, it is physically heavier than others. He has a very large ammunition he carries with him two thousand rounds (prim.avt. - One machine-gun cartridge 7,62? 54R weighs about 25 grams). For one person, it's hard. He takes the bulk of the ammunition, and the rest distributed among his top three. Comrades, if the fight goes, help with a machine gun, give ammunition to equip podsobit tape. If one group gets tired and just fails, or beaten out of power due to the fact that pulling a lot of weight, and the rest will be joyful and merry go light - no one from this well will not. Is distributed evenly all over and over and that all were happy and cheerful. 
Each group commander decides who is who is in the top three. It is such a small team that is standing together on a task, it is such a combat unit. Sometimes the group commander interfere in the affairs troika. For example, when you have to decide who and what to carry more than necessary.  
Are there any unofficial circumstances when a fighter asks transferred from group to group? This is what happens? 
There is, but it is very isolated cases. The company, for example, the company commander can people shuffle their power. Suitable, for example, the group commander and company commander says: This fellow does not fit in their some quality, you can translate it. But mostly, the team that originally there - permanent. People stumble, adapt to one another over time. The band is constant. If a person, for example, fell ill before the assignment, it is usually not replaced by anyone, not supplement group, she goes on a mission in the "minus one". When returned to the base - again, people hold together, friendship families common. 

Heavy Regiment 45 Airborne special forces in an ambush.
A single 7.62-mm machine gun PEP "Pecheneg". The Spetsnaz began to meet more often than the RMB, based on which "Pecheneg" and was created.

Scout-45 Airborne Regiment gunner with a machine gun "Pecheneg".

Special Forces on the shooting range. Perhaps the only bright claims made Gunners practitioners to the "Pecheneg" - uncomfortable position handle.

Medications. Everyone has their own individual stock or on one large group? 
Medicines - first-aid kit to everyone, standard, nothing more. What is now issued, a standard first aid kit - it is, in principle, there is everything you need.

What is the most common medical "trouble" during the task?  
In my lifetime there was nothing wrong. Feet washed, of course, but if the erased legs - are to blame. Whether shoes are not very suitable, or did not care that it was dry. In principle, nothing terrible and there: a pair of outputs and legs "grinded" become calloused, wiping as the stone becomes. If Spetsnaz soldier serving for a long time, do not rub anything. If you want to have your feet are dry, pick up shoes, prepare shoes before entering. Well, I do not want - then go as you can. If you wiped his feet, the problems of Indians do not care about the sheriff. You're still not going anywhere, you'll just go. Of course, if someone wipe his feet and will have a burden for the whole group - no he did not say anything good. This is also an incentive. 

Fighter covers crossing. Note shoes.

He. Back view. during walking alone feet, apparently, it was covered with plaster. Preventive or results - it is not clear.

Quite often in Internet discussion about knives, about the cold SWAT weapons. Some believe that this intelligence to the enemy creeps silently and stabs a knife into his throat. It happens? 
It happens, of course. To the cinema. Knife - a tool for us. For this incident, there is a silent weapon, which operates at a distance. I do not have anywhere to crawl, do not themselves issue.At least, you can always get close to such a distance to the enemy, from which it can be destroyed from the same silenced pistol or a silent machine. However, no matter what anyone said, but to quietly creep up behind the man, like in the movies show it is possible. But it is very long and very hard.  

If a person is on duty, whatever it was careless, he sensitively distinguish sounds, especially at night, when they heard far away. A rustling movement immediately attracts attention, crawl at such a distance is possible, but have to crawl on the millimeter, and it is very long. Now things are much easier, as the silenced pistol can solve such problems at a distance of ten to fifteen meters.  

Scout demonstrates the techniques of shooting from PB (pistol Silent).

Externally similar to PB PM, but PM is not relevant.

Spetsnaz Sniper conducts automatic fire from AS "Val".

Spetsnaz Sniper shoots rubber eye cup with an optical sight mounted on BCC "Vintorez."

Scouts at the shooting range. Armed BCC "Vintorez" and AS "Val".

Automatic silent pistol (APB).

Silent version of the famous gun APS.

Pistol PSS "Wool".

"Wool" provides noiseless and flameless firing range of up to 50 meters. It shoots virtually besshumno.Ogon of MSS "Wool" conducted a special cartridge SP-4. The complex MSS-SP-4 provide the maximum degree of silencing zvuka.Porohovye gases clipped inside the sleeve, which ensures quiet operation of the weapon. Ammunition hit Bang Bang Army steel helmet at a distance of 25 meters.

LDCs. Knives scout shooting: the first and second versions.

The instructor demonstrates the techniques of shooting from scouts knife.

In general, the knives have intelligence with them there? 
Of course, each has its own scout knife. Open a bank, which cut the wires clean. If necessary, of course, can cause damage and knife. A good knife - it's nice. When he did not immediately blunts when it does not need a long time to sharpen. My opinion - the knife is needed mostly for domestic use. Well, just in case, if it is absolutely the kiss. 

Scout Sniper. Armed BCC "Vintorez" and shoot knife.

What do you think about colleagues from the number of "potential enemies"? Who is cooler? 
I have on this subject his mind: it is not belonging to the SAS or the Israelis, and they have people slabopodgotovlennye not prepared, and we have a group of transcendent level. Regarding the question "Who is cooler?": In combat situations, none of us with SAS «group to the group" does not come across. Together, we - the piece goods. The probability that a group of special forces will face another group of enemy ... which means either no good (laughs). It seems to me, a rare, even unlikely event that this happens. Approximately, like snipers, two bullets hit counter each other. This is not the tank battalions came together in the melee! 

As far as the computer modeling on the Internet - who knows from which they originate in the modeling parameters of how to assess the opponents? This level of "someone who zaboret - a whale or an elephant?" I think everything is just on the individual preparation of each fighter and coherence of the group depends. And compare the "slope", but looking on the Internet, they are out there running around on camera, that is to say, not a show trial. They perform some tasks and we are doing about the same. But how to compare, I do not know. Yes, we are watching the "colleagues", open source has not been canceled. There is nothing radically new in their preparation is not, there is nothing that would be fundamentally different from us. The nuances, of course.  

In this sense, perhaps, even the experience of the Great Patriotic War will be more useful. We talked with the veterans, sometimes talking with older scouts - grandfathers, who, as they say, with a bayonet and a knife went to the Germans. Came old seasoned scout who polvoyny held in reconnaissance, he told how to carry out sabotage actions as landed. In this case, because of the progress as such, no. The principle is the same, simply means change. Yesterday, it was with a spear, and with today 'Vintorez. " The principle of ambushes does not change. 

And the ambush - a creative work. There are, of course, the canons, but the main role is played by the commander of the group how he brain works and how it uses some innovative approaches to the study of the terrain, the enemy. When, where and how to approach - it is individual commander to think. In this sense, Afghanistan has given a lot of experience: conducting sabotage and conduct ambushes, many have considered and reconsidered -Save combat and marching order, who looks much like watching someone like moves, with some intervals, viewing distance, the distance for certain defeat, which is closer wherein on and so forth. And it also comes with experience.

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