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Future weapons of warfare and mass destruction

This post should give a small idea of how the future weapons of warfare are going to be.

Metal Storm - Future Weapons Breakthrough Technology - 1 million rounds per minute!

The British Accuracy International AS50 BMG Sniper Rifle

The XM-307 Advanced Crew Served Weapon - ACSW

The OICW - Objective Individual Combat Weapon - the M-29

NLOS Cannon - NLOS-C - The New Artillery of the FCS Future
Combat Systems

Tommorow's soldiers Us military robotic vehicles

Barrett REC7 - M468 - Future Assault Rifle

Apparently, the M4 Carbine or the M16 platform have been improved by Barrett's Firearm’s.The M16 hasn’t exactly been everyone’s favorite assualt rifle. In fact, it has been regarded by some as a killer of US troops, leaving them stuck in firefights without effective stopping power and jammed rounds.

Greater range, 50% increased stopping power, ability to fit into the current modular makeup of existing M16 component parts. Basically,Barrett knows how to get an invention considered by a buyer. Hearing the voice of the GI, military procurement officers sit around and think, “What can I do about this problem, and is it going to cost me an arm and a leg?” These posed questions are answered in the design of theBarrett REC7 assault rifle. This rifle hasn’t reached operational status yet, but Barrett firearms took into consideration some key aspects of rifle design and selling points with the development of this rifle (conveniently mentioned in the opening sentence of this paragraph). All key aspects overlooked by other ambitious projects with the aim to replace the M16. Rifles such as the OICW and the Heckler and Koch XM-8 are examples of attempts to completely redesign the rifle, which also come packaged with enormous costs and long-run expenses for spare parts.
Barrett said, “Hey, I can make a rifle that is built on existing parts already used in the M4 and M16, and deliver the results the military wants.” Now, we can only wait and see if this bad boy will ultimately be chosen as the next generation rifle for the armed forces, but until then, we can watch Mack talk about the Barrett REC7 assault rifle and demonstrate it’s superb capabilities.


These dealings in death, the fine line between reality and the ability to play god with the lives of lesser men, are made possible by the ubiquitous ATK M230 Chain…Carbon 15 Pistol - Bushmaster

The Carbon 15 pistol is a firearm similar in design to an ArmaLite AR-15 or the Colt M4 Carbine. The main differences between the Carbon 15 “pistol” and actual M4 is the absence of the shoulder stock and the fully automatic option. You don’t really want or need full auto though, because theCarbon 15 is not designed for suppressive fire, likewise, the red dot sight fitted on the accessory rail optimizes this weapon for close quarter personal defense-ideal for confined spaces.


V22 Osprey - Hybrid Helicopter Aircraft of the Future
V22 Osprey
Manufacturer: Boeing [NYSE: BA]

Obviously, getting troops to the battlefield as quickly as possible is a paramount concern for military planners. Choppers can carry many troops, but really can’t fly very far or fast. Planes can get troops there quickly, but where can you launch transport planes without a runway? Aircraft carriers are too small, nevermind the deck of an amphibious assault ship. Clearly, a solution is needed for high speed troop transport in a scenario of limited runway space. Necessity is the mother of all…

Hunter UAV Airstrike - Viper Air Attack on Vehicle

Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE:NOC)

The Viper is a standoff munition guided by GPS and laser-guidance. The Viper is primarily used in missions that require a flexible angle of attack, either steep or shallow. The weapon is produced by Northrop Grumann’s Land Combat Systems Facility in Alabama. This particular Viper Standoff munition requires a man to lase the target either from the UAV itself where the missile is fired from, or from the ground. The Viper is similar to the Hellfire missile used in the Predator UAV by the US air-force. The Vipers warhead is smaller than the Hellfires and the Vipers platform is the Hunter RQ-5A UAV. The Hunter is similar to the predator although its functionality is more limited.
Hunter UAV airstrike with Viper Munition

Father of All Bombs?

Father of all bombs

Have heard of the MOAB or Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb, coined the Mother of All Bombs. The MOAB is an eight ton non-nuclear weapon with a 450 foot blast radius. What you might not have heard is that Russia has recently unveiled the “Father of All Bombs” which is said to have a 900 foot blast radius, double what the MOAB boasts. Until the Russian military unveiled the FOAB the MOAB was the largest non-nuclear bomb in the world. The center of the explosion created by the Father of All Bombs is reported to be twice as hot as MOAB as well. The Russianmilitary apparently created a weapon roughly the same size as the MOAB with twice the power! So it looks like the Russians have one-upped the Americanmilitary’s largest non-nuclear weapon… or have they? There are a lot of skeptics that believe the Father of All Bombs may just be a big hoax. The Russian military claimed the bomb was dropped from a Tupolev 160 bomber although the bomb and the aircraft where never seen in the same video. Recall that the MOAB is usually dropped out of a much larger C-130 or equivalent. “You’ve got to approach Russian claims with skepticism,” says John Pike, an analyst at the think tank
Wired has a great article regarding inconsistencies in the video and the claims made by the Russian military. Psychological warfare?

X-51 Hypersonic Cruise Missile - Fastest Cruise Missile

Imagine having the ability to strike anywhere in the world within one hour. The X-51 is an amazing hypersonic cruise missile that travels 600 miles in just ten minutes (approximately 3600 MPH or Mach 5).

Compared with the Tomahawk Missile which travels at a mere 550 MPH, the X51 gives the US the ability to strike enemies quickly before they can evade. As U.S. Strategic Command’s deputy commander Lt. Gen. C. Robert Kehler puts it, the goal of the X51 is “to strike virtually anywhere on the face of the Earth within 60 minutes.”


If Looks Could Kill - The Sukhoi SU-47 Berkut

The SU-47 is an amazing looking aircraft, especially while in flight. Nicknamed the Golden Eagle, the SU-47 has a reduced radar signature, thrust vectoring, advanced fly-by-wire technology, and most notably a very unique forward swept wing design. The Sukhoi SU-47 is extremely maneuverable at subsonic speeds and has a maximum speed of mach 1.6. The SU-47 can carry a variety of air-to-air and air-to-ground munitions.
Many sources try to compare the SU-47 to the F-22 Raptor. In reality, the F-22 Raptor is in a class of its own.


F-22 Raptor Maneuvers - Vertical Flight F-22a Raptor

Manufacturer: Lockheed Martin [NYSE: LMT]
The following video of the F-22 shows some of the maneuvers that this Jet is capable of.
The F22 is capable of vertical flight and very high angle of attack maneuvers. Although the F22 boasts some incredible maneuvers:
The F-22 can’t maneuver as well as the Su-37, but it is stealthier, since you can’t have both stealth and maneuverability. Our commanders (US) and generals think that stealth is infinitely more important than maneuverability.

Su-37 Terminator - Experimental Soviet Acrobatic Jet Fighter

This is a video displaying the acrobatic ability of an experimental Soviet jet fighter, the Su-37 Terminator. The Su-37 is designed to be able to outmaneuver any adversary in close combat dogfighting. With it’s reinforced frame, vector thrust, and aerodynamics, the Su-37 can perform dogfight moves unlike any other plane built, including the F-22 Raptor, or F-35 Lightning, the Su-37’s closest competitors. However, the Su-37 has not entered service into any military, and for now remains a demonstration of the limits of human piloted aerial acrobatics.

F-35 Lightning II - Lockheed Martin - Future Fighter JSF - “World Standard”

The stealthy F-35 is a supersonic, multi-role, 5TH Generation fighter designed to replace a wide range of existing aircraft, including AV-8B Harriers, A-10s, F-16s, F/A-18 Hornets and United Kingdom Harrier GR.7s and Sea Harriers.
“The first flight of the F-35 Lightning II is an historic moment because, for the first time ever, we are seeing the dawn of an aircraft with all the 5TH Generation attributes - including advanced stealth, fighter agility, sensor fusion and greatly improved supportability - combined in an affordable package,” said Ralph Heath, president of Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co. “The F-35 will be the most advanced and most capable multi-role fighter on the international market for many, many years to come.”


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