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Mauser C-96 (Mauser K-96) -legendarnoe weapons, heavy, powerful gun, developed by Mauser brothers.
  •  Legendary Mauser interesting Mauser
  • The gun was developed in 1893 by brothers Federle, who worked on the weapon factory in other Mauser brothers.Until two years it took them to refine the new model automatic pistol, even when part of Paul Mauser. As the owner of the arms factory was Mauser design Federle was patented in the name of Paul Mauser, first in Germany (11 September 1895), and a year in the UK (1896).
     Legendary Mauser interesting Mauser
  • Brothers William (left) and Peter Paul Mauser
    pistol Serial production started in 1897, received its baptism of fire Mauser during the first Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902.) In the military, he immediately gained recognition and success. Until 1908 it was produced 70,000 guns.
    Distinctive design features Mauser C-96 were adjustable sight, bolt, hidden in the receiver, trigger block design (trigger mechanism) placed in front of the trigger guard box store, with a hinged lid, placed " on the rifle, "chess placement rounds. Included with the gun was a wooden holster that can be used as the butt, turning into a light Mauser carbine. Especially for Mauser, based on Chuck 7.65 "Borchardt" was designed cartridge 7,63 × 25 "Mauser".
     Legendary Mauser interesting Mauser
  • In 1900, a Mauser K-96 had serious competitors, Browning pistol and gun Luger 'Parabellum. " On the background of all the shortcomings of the Mauser became clearly visible, it was difficult to manufacture, and is sensitive to contamination, it was inconvenient to charge and size gun than its competitors were just huge.
    Luger 'Parabellum'
     Legendary Mauser interesting Mauser
  • Browning pistol
     Legendary Mauser interesting Mauser
  • This led to the fact that the adopted Mauser was adopted only in part and that of the lack of Parabellum. At the same time it took to change caliber pistol and 9 mm and fit a regular cartridge 9 × 19 "Parabellum". Converted Mauser for security purposes should be numbered nine on the handle because when shooting 9mm cartridge pistols 7.63 mm gap occurred trunk.
     Legendary Mauser interesting Mauser
  • In Russia the first Mauser appeared in 1897 under the name "Mauser block" or "Mauser number 2." "Mauser number 1" called pocket 6.35 mm pistol model. In Russia since 1913 Mauser operated by the pilots of airplanes and in automobile and motorcycle parts.
    greatest popularity in Russia after the revolution Mauser acquired through the help of the British White Guard units large number of these guns fall into the hands Basmachi. In 1922 -1930gg. for the Cheka-OGPU and the Red Army had purchased a large number of 7.63 mm Mauser, these guns were very popular among the Bolsheviks. In the west, they even got the name "Bolo Mauser" (Bolshevik Mauser).
     Legendary Mauser interesting Mauser
  • Mauser Budyonny
     Legendary Mauser interesting Mauser
  • This mass distribution and popularity of the gun has even led to the fact that in 1928, 7.63-mm pistol cartridge "Mauser" became a full cartridge. Caliber equaled with "three-way" of 7.62 mm, and the capsule was used from the cartridge "Revolver."
    Mauser K-96 was subjected to repeated modernization. The upgraded model of the gun in 1912 differed incredible "vitality" and improved ballistics. Spanish Astra 900 pistol was developed based on a pattern of K-96. Model Astra 901-904 received translator ceasefire. Mauser automatic models 711 and 712 in addition to an interpreter were also, removable magazines for 10, 20 and 40 rounds. But pistols with translators had very low accuracy of fire, so these models Mauser adopted were not accepted. In China, the K-96 earned the nickname «Boxed Cannon», copies of different caliber pistol produced up to 45 (11.43 mm). Like all Chinese copies of the gun had a strong spread of bullets, aiming to shoot Chinese Mauser was not possible under any circumstances.
    Spanish Astra 900 pistol
     Legendary Mauser interesting Mauser
  • Mauser and used during World War II, and even in Afghanistan and in Chechnya in killing our soldiers gangs found these legendary pistols, developed a century ago.

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